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Aired Artist Album Title
11/24/2015 21:19David SanbornUpfrontSnakes
10/26/2015 17:23David SanbornTime AgainComin' Home Baby
10/20/2015 13:26David SanbornTime And The RiverSeven Days Seven Nights
09/30/2015 17:23David SanbornCloserAnother Time, Another Place
09/25/2015 15:43David SanbornPearlsThis Masquerade
09/21/2015 15:20David SanbornTime And The RiverSeven Days Seven Nights
09/19/2015 17:16David SanbornTime AgainSugar
08/24/2015 17:39David SanbornPearlsThis Masquerade
08/14/2015 16:48David SanbornTime And The RiverDrift
08/10/2015 15:26David SanbornTime And The RiverDrift
07/30/2015 19:40David SanbornUpfrontSoul Serenade
07/30/2015 17:42David SanbornTime AgainComin' Home Baby
07/30/2015 07:22David SanbornCloserTin Tin Deo
07/17/2015 19:00David SanbornTime And The RiverSpanish Joint
07/17/2015 14:45David SanbornCloserAnother Time, Another Place
07/09/2015 14:42David SanbornTime And The RiverDrift
06/26/2015 14:48David SanbornTime And The RiverDrift
06/25/2015 15:31David SanbornCloserEnchantment
06/15/2015 17:31David SanbornTime And The RiverDrift
06/14/2015 15:28David SanbornTime And The RiverOrdinary People
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